We are one of the strongest underwear brands on the Polish market. We worked out the position as the leader with 25-year experience in the design, manufacture, and sale of coloured underwear for a mass customer. Fashionable and original cotton underwear collections are created with passion on the basis of the unique Design & Quality & Price philosophy. It means creating products that are distinguished with energy of colours and original overprints combined with the tested quality of jerseys and cuts. This approach to the branding strategy ensured the success of our company. 

Giving the products a unique character and the proper recognition of the market demand has become the basic assumption of the KEY brand as early as in the first years of its existence. The idea about how to distinguish it on the market was breaking the black-and-white monotony in terms of underwear and creation of a collection of coloured women's briefs. The market reacted enthusiastically to this fresh idea, and the concept created by our then chief designer, Jola Buca, is continued invariably in the KEY's collections. The correctness of our strategy is proven by the satisfied customers – in all market researches, the KEY's underwear is associated with the colour and fun atmosphere.

Our mission is to provide the customers with original, comfortable products at a reasonable price; the products that are distinguished by positive, joyful atmosphere created around the brand, and creating the company's image as a company, which is friendly and understands the needs of customers. 

History of the Brand

We have been building our position in the Polish underwear market since 1991.

Since the very beginning of the company's existence, we tried to break the common dominance of black and white – we took a chance, and the first original collection of coloured women's briefs appeared in stores. The original pattern-designing and colouring bravery proved to be a great success – they quickly became the signs of recognition of our products. As the first company of the underwear industry, we have introduced original designs with own logo. In 1992, three brands appeared on the market – Giovanni di Milano, Betty Blue, and Romantique, which existed until 1999, when we decided on rebranding –we introduced a new KEY brand's logo and we unified the system of visual communication.

In subsequent years, we began advertisement and billboard campaigns in Poland, Russia, and Ukraine (2002-2004) and introduced new collections and products. The first and only collection of bras for teenage girls on the market My First Bra proved to be the sales hit because it met with a great interest of our youngest female customers. A few years later, the KEY portfolio was enriched with the first collection of pyjamas and dressing gowns Night & Day (2008). In 2009, Jola Buca, the creator of the concept of KEY and HEY brands, became the president of the company – she holds the position to the present day.

For more than 20 years of the presence on the market, both our brand and products have won numerous awards. The year of 2014 brought us another awards – titles: Created in Poland Superbrands, The Best in Poland in the category Bra for teens, and Good Brand in the category of nightwear.

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